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Computerglobe > Producten > Werkgeheugen > Computer werkgeheugen > DDR4 > Silicon Power DDR4 8GB/2133 CL15 Geheugenmodule

Silicon Power DDR4 8GB/2133 CL15 Geheugenmodule

69.99 (57.84 excl. 21% btw)

Silicon Power DDR4 8GB/2133 CL15 Geheugenmodule

The revolutionary memory module – DDR4 SODIMM is compatible with Intel Skylake platform and 100 series motherboards , enabling higher stability and performance for advanced gamers, multimedia pros and DIY enthusiasts to experience super-fast data transfer rate with 17GB/s of bandwidth, which is 33% faster than DDR3-1600.

Lower Voltage of 1.2V

In addition to system upgrade, DDR4 also resolves another major issue - energy consumption. A lower voltage of 1.2V is applied to reduce 20% power usage compared to 1.5V for DDR3 module. Less heat dissipation keeps the computer running at low temperatures for higher stability and longer life span of the system hardware.


  • High performance at transfer bandwidth reaching 17GB/s
  • Low voltage of 1.2V for less power consumption
  • Original and high quality memory module
  • 100% tested for stability, durability and compatibility


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Silicon Power DDR4 8GB/2133 CL15 Geheugenmodule

Silicon Power DDR4 8GB/2133 CL15 Geheugenmodule. This single 8GB DDR4 memory upgrade operates at a speed of 2133MHz, at a voltage of only 1.2V. The lower voltage used by DDR4 preserves energy and results in less heat generated by the system. CAS latency of this DDR4 is CL15 (full timings of 15-15-15-35). Can be used as a single 8GB memory upgrade, or can be used in dual channel mode if purchased and installed in pairs.

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